We work together to create the desired results.

Over the past several years, we have provided the services listed below to numerous individuals and organizations.

For Organizations, we have:

Facilitated critical conversations that created safe space for partners/owners to authentically communicate

Created specific action plans for launching a new business adventure

Mapped out a collaborative performance appraisal system and identified key steps in implementation

Strategized partnership agreements and investment scenarios

Oversaw and facilitated the selection management process – included creating a profile for the new hire, a specific position description, crafting all advertisements, sorting all the resumes from applicants, conducting phone interviews and facilitating in person interviews for the owners

Facilitated strategic planning and long range planning retreats

Reworked a bonus/reward system and identified key performance metrics and indicators

Created strategy for strengthening employee relations

Analyzed current work environment – identified critical areas of improvement within service consistency and strategic action plans to transform

Mitigated a sexual discrimination claim and facilitated a collaborative process for resolve

Transformed a toxic control/command fear based organizational culture into a more empowering, collaborative environment

Reviewed a policy manual, identifying areas of improvement and recommending structural changes to organizational hierarchy, plus the performance appraisal process

Created detailed team profiles and staff position descriptions with employee input

Created family board structure, bylaws, operational intentions as well as facilitated numerous family board meetings

Resolved numerous conflicts between owners/partners and created healthier culture

Reviewed and crafted contracts and lease agreements, secured tenant for key commercial property, secured business location resulting in purchase; also set up steps to mitigate conflicts within the leasing arrangement and negotiated lease and offer to purchase terms

Designed and facilitated trainings on the following topics: handling difficult conversations, making wise choices, the MBO process, sales training, technology of participation/art of the focused conversation, sociocratic principles, the power of intention, marketing.

Created a training matrix for new employees

Outlined strategic marketing initiatives and implementation strategies

For Individuals, we have:

Provided objective, compassionate laser focused listening

Created pathways for clients to find more meaningful careers and identify key passion/priorities

Assisted with boundary identification and identified strategies to best communicate boundaries

Taught time management strategies to assist in alignment of energy

Facilitated visioning process with a focus on action planning

Given support on handling difficult conversations – utilized several tools/techniques

Helped owner/general manager understand necessary steps to being a more effective leader/manager

Assisted with decision analysis on key life/work situations

Taught tools and techniques for transforming the process of conflict

Passed on invaluable tools for reducing stress, anxiety and drama

Assisted with the Management By Objectives process and Performance Reviews

Provided emotional and social intelligence training